Tiaras, The crowning touch.

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I’m very pleased to share with you that my nephew, Raymond, is getting married this fall.  I’ve also been honored by his fiance with a request to create her wedding jewelry.  As you might imagine, she didn’t have to ask me twice!  I’ve seen the dress and it’s beautiful, very simple with some beading.

She did mention a tiara as a possibility.  Now Bryn isn’t a flashy kind of girl, very down to earth, veterinary’s assistant, you know the type.  However, if you can’t wear a tiara on your wedding day, when can you.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing in this world can make a person feel more special than a tiara.  In fact I believe you should have one on hand for those occasions when you need to feel special, doing the dishes, vacuuming, etc.

So what I’m sharing with you in this post are some of the many tiaras I’ve created in the past.  Now keep in mind these pieces were made for couture runway shows and drag queens and I’m well aware that I’ll have to tone it down for what ever I come up with for this wedding.



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