The “Enchantress” Mask

In Providence Rhode Island, the city where I live, there’s a wonderful monthly event called Gallery Night Providence.  Once a month about 30 of the city’s major art and craft galleries are open late and there are free guided bus tours throughout the city.

This month Gallery Night Providence had a fund-raiser, part of which was an auction of Halloween masks created and donated by local artists.  Well, being a great fan of Halloween, Gallery Night Providence, and mask making, how could I not participate.  So now, here are some pictures of my entry…

IMG_1904I’ve titled this piece “Enchantress”!  Here’s some detailed pictures,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So?  I’m eager to know what you think, please comment.  Also, as always, be sure to check out my etsy shop and I’d love it if you were to “Like” my Facebook page too!

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