Off To The Platers

I’ve been awfully busy lately working on my spring line.  Here’s two items that are out to be electroplated, if all goes well they’ll be back today.  Just in time for tomorrow’s show, talk about cutting it close!

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I know these aren’t the best quality photos, but if I have time before the show I’ll take better ones when they’re all plated.

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1 thought on “Off To The Platers

  1. Loving the tiara, Richard. Checked out your etsy shop and your work is really looking fantastic. I am confident you will do great at the upcoming RISD show. (Yes, I was so scattered when last I commented, I thought I was commenting at the end of April, which of course -I was wrong) Wish I could go to the RISD show to see your work live, but , as you know, I will be standing around in a wing-backed T-shirt for hours : )
    Good luck at the show…Go get ’em!

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