Welcome To The Hotpoint Emporium

For those of you who don’t follow my FaceBook page, My Pink Planet, I’ve recently been accepted into an artist co-op called the Hotpoint Emporium.  It’s in a lovely old eighteenth century building in the town of Bristol Rhode Island overlooking Narragansett Bay.

I went in the other day to set up my inventory, what a nice group of people, and the other work that was still coming in when I left looks very promising.  Here’s some photos of what’s been set up so far, notice my fancy new jewelry display case, and they let me put my “Prisoner Of Love” necklace in the window too!

The store opens this week, but the grand opening is scheduled for November 3, 2017.  So I hope to see you soon at the Hotpoint Emporium, 39 State Street, Bristol RI, 02909

Day Seven Of My Twelve Week Challenge

Today was a real struggle to get into my studio, I have a show coming up on Saturday so my primary focus has been on getting ready for that.  But I did start on this necklace which goes with my series called Linear Compositions.

Work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll finish this piece so as not to interrupt my Twelve Week Challenge. Meanwhile, if you happen to be in Providence RI this Saturday, December 10, 2016, check out the RISD Holiday Alumni Sale, my booth number is 324.

Richard Bradley, Jewelry, My Pink Planet

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet


A Steampunk Show? Why Not!


Well, I don’t know if you can see my name in the fine print here, but I’ve happily taken part in the Steampunk Providence show.  It’s been awhile since I’ve made anything in this genre, of which I’m a big fan, so I jumped at the chance.  Two of these pieces have been extracted from my archives so you may remember them, and the other two were made just for this show.

The show runs through the end of October 2016, so if you’re interested in purchasing any of them I’ll be posting them in my etsy shop.

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet

A change of venue

I’ve been asked to participate in a group gallery show, and since I’ve grown a bit tired of making production jewelry, this seems to be the perfect opportunity to let loose and create some more sculptural pieces.  So, here we go.

The first is a concept piece I call “Husbandry”

I have two thoughts going on with this piece.  

One is in how I find the idea of bodily adornment in relation to self-image, and as a mark of intent, goal, or achievement to be so curious.  Whether it be to enhance one’s beauty, self-confidence, or status, the pursuit of wearable objects to achieve these goals are how the title of this piece came about.

The other is the symbolism involved with the romanticized heart representing love and all that it encompasses verses the literal heart as a body organ.  The romantic heart associated with living happily ever after, and the anatomical heart associated with just living.

As with many of my pieces there is some wordplay and visual puns going on here.  I invite the viewer to ponder the idea of a crystal heart-shaped cage, containing an anatomical representation of a heart, flanked by sprays of jeweled flowers, and the significance of its wearability.  



The first time my work was shown in an art gallery, it was in a Venetian carnival mask show at the Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, in which I took first place.  This is that mask…

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet, MFA BostonSo, out of nostalgia, and as an expression of my creative journey, I thought it fitting to do another mask and see how far I have come as a designer and fabricator.

I call this piece Camouflage,

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet, URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet, URI Feinstein Providence Campus GalleryRichard Bradley, My Pink Planet, URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery









I have an ongoing fascination with the imitation of nature by the use of man-made materials, and the idea of improving on nature by the same means.

In this piece I’ve used the format of a mask, something typically used to hide or disguise one’s identity.   In creating an elaborate network of representations from nature, I then gilded and bejeweled it so as to create a conspicuous object of opulence.  Much of my work involves puns and wordplay which is how the title of this piece came about.  

And finally, if anyone reading this is going to be in the Providence area within the next month, well, here’s your invitation…

My Pink Planet, Gallery Night Providence, Richard Bradley, Richard H Bradley

Cosmic Unicornz, Fashion Show At Pop Allston

I loaned some pieces to Cosmic Unicornz, for a fashion show called Pop Allston’s Pride Party over the weekend and what a time they must have had…

Now here’s a girl who really knows how to rock a tiara!

As a designer and maker of such bold sparkly objects, it’s such a treat to see them worn in the spirit for which they were created.  Just look at my Mermaid Queen necklace and tiara on this lovely young model…

And remember, these items and so many more are available in my shop.

Group Show at ArtProv Gallery

I’ve been very busy these days, since my invitation to take part in the ArtProv Gallery “Girls Night Out” event.  I plan to come up with a lot of new styles just for this very special evening.

My Pink Planet, Richard Bradley, Artprov Gallery

I’ll be posting many of the new pieces as I produce them so follow closely.  Meanwhile, why not have a look at my shop?  CLICK

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet

Another Great Craft Fair

A big thank you to everyone who turned out to Carnival Provincetown 2015 yesterday.  I had a wonderful time showing off my latest work, and I met so many fun and fascinating people too, like Shinia, and the folks from Nauticon ( Bettina and Mary)!

My Pink Planet, Richard Bradley


Meanwhile, you can always check out my on-line shop and buy those lovely jewels you wish you had at the show.

Another Successful Show

Thank you to everyone who came out to the RISD Spring Alumni Show on Saturday.  Thanks to you and some beautiful weather the day was a terrific success.  Oh, and don’t forget to visit my online shop too!

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Announcement, I’m In A Group Show!


Gallery Reception: Thurs., March 6, 5:30-7 pm
I have two pieces in this show and encourage all my friends to come by on opening night, it’ll be great to see you!

Otherwise the show runs from February 28-March 31, 2014

This exhibit features work by CityArts teaching artists and staff centered around the theme of storytelling. Stop by the CityArts gallery (891 Broad St.) Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm to see the exhibit! Both the reception and show are free and open to the public.

My Return to Craft Shows!

Well, I did it!  I participated in a craft show, it’s been years since the last time I did so, and I think it’s about time.  After spending the summer putting together a collection I feel good about I wanted to see for myself what the public reaction would be.

I used simple display props with deep, rich colors to off set the jewelry as well as to emphasize the sparkle that I’m so known for.






I feel that legibility is important in that my work is so elaborately detailed, so I Laid everything out in a grid with similar pieces on each display pad.

My Godzilla business card stand was quite successful.  Not only did it attract people to my table, but many people took pictures of it and inadvertently documented my etsy shop address!

Over all I’m very pleased to say, the show was a great success!  I didn’t make my high goal, but did beat my low goal.  Some of my old customers from ten or more years ago were very glad to see that I’m back to making jewelry, and many of my past customers from my former life in retail management happened by who were also very supportive of my work.

So, as you may have gathered, this show has left me quite encouraged and I hope you’ll check into my etsy shop from time to time and see my latest work.