Selecting A Band For Your Tiara Or Crown

I’ve made a variety of bands so far and it seems I’m still getting requests for yet other styles, so the purpose of this post is to let you know what I’m familiar with and how each one works. I hope this helps you decide what works best for you and that my readers give me feed back on what people are looking for.

The first type is the vertical comb tiara…

For this style all the ornamentation is attached, perpendicularly, to a hair comb and there are rings attached for bobby pins.  This is a good choice for flat, less puffy hair styles and it’s good for short hair and works better on real hair as opposed to wigs.


The most popular is the basic headband…

This type is a basic U band with a ring at each end for bobby pins or a stretch cord, elastic or ribbon to secure it.  The band sits at an angle and the ornamentation is vertical.  Most of my clients find this to be the most comfortable choice, especially performers who need to make quick costume changes.


Then there’s the head band with an under-wire…

This is recommended for larger, heavier pieces, the under-wire allows for more bobby pins to give added security.

Of corse, I’m always exploring other options and if you have any suggestions, I welcome them most eagerly!


Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet

How was your Summer?

It’s hard to believe that the autumn season is already here, I hope everyone had a terrific Summer, I certainly did.  I did some traveling and some leisure activities, but most of all I focused on reorganizing my lifestyle.  My studio is more organized and productive than it has been in many years, very exciting!  I’ve been sorting through my surplus of oddities and collectables and started an online vintage shop on, which I hope you’ll visit from time to time,  And most importantly, I’m making a lot of exciting jewelry which I’ll be posting about in the coming weeks.

Wishing every one well, here’s a taste of what I’ve been creating lately.

All of these items are available at

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Studio Or Disaster Area?


I know it’s been a while since my last post, January was quite hectic for me.  I was sick twice, had frequent unexpected house guests, the days have been short and cold, and over all I’m just eager for spring to come around this year.

Anyway, I’m feeling better than ever, I’ve had worse in my life and nothing ever really gets me down.  Moving forward I have lots of new pieces in the works and as I gaze across my terribly cluttered studio I see greatness emerging from the rubble.

Here’s a picture of the excavation site I call my studio,

My Beading Table

A fellow blogger has suggested to me that I share some of my work techniques and pictures of my studio.  Well that sounds like a great idea and going forward I’ll be doing that.  For now I do happen to have some pictures of my beading table.

These pictures were taken as I was making the earrings featured in my previous posts A New Direction For An Old Project, Part 1 and A New Direction for An Old Project, Part 2 .  As you can see it’s quite a cluttered mess but I like to think of my studio as the ashes from which my phoenix shall frequently rise.