Thinking Beyond The Dead Of Winter

Yes, it’s the dead of winter, there’s a foot of snow on the ground and the temperature is in the single digits.  So, to warm myself up I must think of spring and work on new items that bring warm thoughts of Carnival Balls and Summer Galas.  With that in mind, I bring you this “Gilded Lily” tiara.

Gilded Lilies Tiara by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet


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Here’s some close up views for you…

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A Series Of Flower Necklaces

One of the great joys of working in my own studio and not in an industrial setting is that I can create each one of my designs, one at a time, as opposed to pieces that are mass produced.  Sometimes I will do a series of similar pieces, but each one is unique.  Here’s an example of a springtime flower inspired necklace series.

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Quite often, when I’m commissioned to do the jewelry for a wedding party, I suggest this idea so as to retain continuity while allowing each member to feel unique.

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Reworking A Best Seller

This necklace called “The Rights Of Spring” is a design I’d originally created for a bridal party a few years back and has been a top seller for me ever since.

So why not see if I can’t make lightning strike twice, so to speak.  Since the original style was gold, I decided to go with silver and, for what ever reason, shades of blue made sense to me.

The other day my mother gave me a broken pair of beryl nugget earrings so I suspended one of them from the base of the cross and added some matching blown glass beads for balance.

And here we have my first design of 2012 which I’ll call the “Blue Gothic Necklace”.

Both styles of these necklaces are currently available through my online shop.

For The Bride

I’m very pleased to say that my nephew Raymond’s wedding went beautifully.  Every one loved their jewelry, it looked great on them, and over all it was a wonderful day.

Now, as I’ve promised here are some pictures of the brides jewelry.

I chose to do the same earring for the bride as for the rest of the wedding party for unity, except for a crystal dangle instead of a tanzanite one.  As for the necklace, I continued the flower motif in all crystal and hung the central section from crystal beads that matched the beading on the dress.

I had decided against a tiara due to the simplicity of the gown, but I did provide the option of a hair comb which could be worn in a variety of ways or not at all.  The bride did end up wearing it to gather up some of her hair to the back of her head.

These next photos are of the jewelry being modeled by my mannequin, Miss. Treat, my idea is to give the viewer a sence of scale and of how these pieces will look on an actual person.  Since I don’t have easy access to a human model this will have to do.  However, I’d like to know what my readers think of this concept.  I’d be grateful if you’d comment on the effectiveness of using a mannequin.



Remember, if you or someone you know would be interested in having original jewelry made for a special occasion you can convo me on my etsy shop.

For The Maid Of Honor

Well, it’s hard to believe that my nephew Raymond’s wedding is in three days.  Everything is right on schedule, I won’t post the brides jewelry until after the wedding but here’s what I’ve created for the maid of honor.

Modeled by Miss Treat

For unity I have all of the bride’s maids wearing the same earring, and for the maid of honor I’ve added more flowers to the necklace along with some peridot crystal swirls and a touch of green enamel on the leaves.  If you or someone you know would like to have jewelry custom made for your wedding, just convo me at my etsy shop.

For The Bride’s Maids

In one of my previous posts “Tiaras, The Crowning Touch” you may recall my nephew and his fiance asked me to do the jewelry for there Wedding.  Well here’s the jewelry for the bride’s maids, let me know what you think!

Austrian Crystal with silver overlay


Modeled by Miss. Treat

The brides maids were allowed to choose their own dress as long as it was in a shade of lavender.  I thought that was very humane on the brides part when you consider all of the nightmare bride’s maids dress stories we’ve all heard about.  So we decided that the jewelry will be the unifying detail.

I also chose to give the jewelry a silver finish, that seems to be what the girls in this party prefer, so they can wear it to other occasions as well.