Thinking Beyond The Dead Of Winter

Yes, it’s the dead of winter, there’s a foot of snow on the ground and the temperature is in the single digits.  So, to warm myself up I must think of spring and work on new items that bring warm thoughts of Carnival Balls and Summer Galas.  With that in mind, I bring you this “Gilded Lily” tiara.

Gilded Lilies Tiara by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet


This piece is now available in my Etsy Shop, but may be subject to prior sale.

Here’s some close up views for you…

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A Few Favorites

As I’m preparing for some upcoming shows I thought I’d share some of my favorite designs from this past year…


The pendant can be taken off the beaded, rosary style, chain and worn as a brooch.

(Learn More)


Here we have three owls for wisdom, a wishbone for fortune, and a tiny bumble bee for prosperity.  (Learn More)

Jewelry By Richard Bradley

This bold necklace, made from hand laid Austrian crystal, seems to get all the attention at my shows.  (Learn More)

Richard Bradley For My Pink Planet     IMG_3124

I really enjoy these two necklaces because they can be worn with anything at any time and will add such Wimsey to an outfit.  I call this line “Linear Compositions”. (Learn More)


And finally, I’m bringing this back into the line.  I call it the “Enduring Heart”.  I designed the first one of this series when I was in recovery from a nasty battle with cancer, a battle to which I was the victor.  The idea is that ones inner strength is dispersed from the heart, like the seeds from a fertile pod, and no matter how hard a beating or how much one must endure, there’s still beauty and value in ones survival.  (Learn More)

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you’ll check out my online shop (Here).  Please keep in mind that all items shown in this article may be subject to prior sale, but don’t worry I’ll always make more items of wonder.