Gaining Momentum With My 12 Week Challenge

I got up bright and early this morning and put together this whimsical little tiara.  In the center and off to the sides you’ll notice the spiraling empty settings, after I have this piece plated I’ll be setting pearls into them.

Just to be sure you’re aware, all of the items posted during my Twelve Week Creative Challenge have a raw finish and will be plated, patinated, and/or enameled at the end of this motivational project.

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet


Day Twenty Of My Twelve Week Creative Challenge

Today I did some more work on this butterfly tiara, I think I need to take a break and get back to it, it needs something and I just don’t know what.  But that’s what I have to show for day 20 of my twelve week creative challenge.

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet


Days Eleven – Fifteen of My Twelve Week Challenge

Well, as predicted, day eleven found me exhausted from the previous day’s sale so I’ve nothing to show for that day.  As for day twelve, I had outpatient surgery that day, my hope was that because it was outpatient I’d be fine the next day which was not the case.  So, my twelve week creative challenge has been greatly interrupted, but I’m not discouraged, on day 15 I pulled myself together enough to do a paper craft demonstration at South County Art Supply in the charming little village of Wakefield RI.

I hope I don’t look too sickly in this photo, it was a fun evening and I was quite happy to pull myself out of my sick bed for the occasion.

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Day Two Of My twelve Week Challenge

Well I made some progress today, building this butterfly tiara.  I would have liked to have finished soldering it today, but it just doesn’t look quite right to me, sometimes it’s best to just walk away from things and view it with fresh eyes tomorrow.

Work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet


My Twelve Week Creative Challenge

It seems these days that I’ve got so much going on, freelance work, family, maintaining the house and so on, that my creative endeavors have not been the focus they should be.  As of today I am challenging myself to make something each day for the next twelve weeks. I’m not going to pressure myself, in fact my goal is to relieve myself of the anxiety I’ve been feeling for not expressing myself creatively.

Butterflies, work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet

Of course, it’s always hard to know where to begin, so today I’m going with what’s familiar. I’ve done a simple single crystal butterfly as a brooch in the past, but now I think I’ll expand on this and do something big with multiple butterflies.  Stay tuned!

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet


Holiday items

Can you believe it’s November 1st already?  I guess it’s time to show my holiday items.

I don’t do allot of holiday specific items but I get nostalgic about the tradition of Christmas coat brooches, so here’s my version.

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Each of these Wreath brooches are made one at a time and no two are alike.  Within the enameled vines which make up the body of the piece you’ll see an assortment of crystals, insects, and an occasional animal or mythical creature.  For individual descriptions of  these items you can go to my shop and click onto the holiday section, then click on the item pictured.

When I ship these brooches I enclose a card telling the “Legend of The Wreath” which is as follows.

The wreath is a circle made up of objects from nature, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life.  The festive bow celebrates our connection to nature and all that it gives us.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this  is the beginning of of a very joyful holiday season for you.

Tiaras, The crowning touch.

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I’m very pleased to share with you that my nephew, Raymond, is getting married this fall.  I’ve also been honored by his fiance with a request to create her wedding jewelry.  As you might imagine, she didn’t have to ask me twice!  I’ve seen the dress and it’s beautiful, very simple with some beading.

She did mention a tiara as a possibility.  Now Bryn isn’t a flashy kind of girl, very down to earth, veterinary’s assistant, you know the type.  However, if you can’t wear a tiara on your wedding day, when can you.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing in this world can make a person feel more special than a tiara.  In fact I believe you should have one on hand for those occasions when you need to feel special, doing the dishes, vacuuming, etc.

So what I’m sharing with you in this post are some of the many tiaras I’ve created in the past.  Now keep in mind these pieces were made for couture runway shows and drag queens and I’m well aware that I’ll have to tone it down for what ever I come up with for this wedding.