What I’ve been up to lately, Covid-19 edition.

As so many blog post start, “sorry I haven’t posted in awhile”, so begins this one. Most of my non crafting energy, since my last post has gone into building my website, which I hope you’ve had a chance to look at www.RichardBradleyDesigns.com . Meanwhile, during this new era of Covid-19, I haven’t been doing any craft shows and I’m learning to make my business more “virtual”. So, in the spirit of virtual marketing, I present to you my first self made fashion video.

Update to My Twelve Week Creative Challenge

Well I’m sorry to say that, although not over, my twelve week creative challenge has been greatly interrupted.  You see, I’d developed some pretty severe kidney stones making a surgical procedure necessary, after which there were some complications.  So with the crippling pain and the grogginess caused by so many painkillers, I was unable to produce anything creative for several days.

I did get into my studio whenever possible and worked on some items that had already been started.

I had a lot of fun with this necklace with all of its flowers and monsters.

In addition to what I’ve shown you in this post, I’ve managed to assemble a lot of small component parts, not worth showing, for larger pieces yet to come.  I’m feeling much better now so I’m resuming my creative challenge, I’ve lost track of which day I left off on so my updates won’t be as specific going forward.

Thank you for following my progress.


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Days Twenty One Through Twenty Four Of My Creative Challenge

I’m moving right along with my twelve week creative challenge, I’m just making things a bit faster than I can photograph them so bear with me.

For day 21, I made this necklace from an old watch case I found somewhere amidst all the junk I’ve collected over the years.  I think I’ll finish it with tones of silver, gold and raw brass.

Work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet

On day 22, I made this Venetian style cross necklace, carnivale is coming up in February so I hope to have a series of masks and jewelry to show for the occasion.

Work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet Work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet









Which brings us to this crystal carnival mask I started on day 23.  I think I need to add a lot more dangling beads and chains, but we’ll see.

And finally for day 24, I struggled to make my way into the studio and I have only the beginning of a renaissance style necklace to show for it.

Work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet

That’s all for today, I hope you’re following me on FaceBook and have a chance to check out my ETSY shop? In the meantime, take care.

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet



Some Recent Beaded Earrings

Just a quick post, a slide show of some of the beaded earrings I’ve been showing in my shop…

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For more information about these items, I welcome you to visit my online shop by clicking HERE.

Reworking A Best Seller

This necklace called “The Rights Of Spring” is a design I’d originally created for a bridal party a few years back and has been a top seller for me ever since.

So why not see if I can’t make lightning strike twice, so to speak.  Since the original style was gold, I decided to go with silver and, for what ever reason, shades of blue made sense to me.

The other day my mother gave me a broken pair of beryl nugget earrings so I suspended one of them from the base of the cross and added some matching blown glass beads for balance.

And here we have my first design of 2012 which I’ll call the “Blue Gothic Necklace”.

Both styles of these necklaces are currently available through my online shop.   http://www.MyPinkPlanet.etsy.com

Holiday Sale Update,

Just click on the following images for more information!

These earrings, tiny replicas of the America’s Cup trophy, would be a great gift for boating fans.

The Rainbow Trout bracelet makes a terrific stocking stuffer.

As well as clicking on the images for details, you can also visit my shop by clicking Here.

A Watch Case, A Key, And A Broken Brooch

I’ve been on a recycling kick lately, or I guess in this case up-cycling.  In creating these three necklaces I began with a found object each of which have been kicking around my house for years awaiting some kind of new found usefulness.  Well, here it is…

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By the way, these necklaces are currently available on my etsy shop, http://www.MyPinkPlanet.etsy.com

The Building of a Necklace

With this blog I hope to give my customers a better understanding of my personal design process and an insight to what inspires me.

I came across a box, in my studio, the other day of old jewelry projects which for what ever reason were never completed.  In this box was this cross. 

This design was originally used in an earring and necklace for the runway shows of Mary McFaden back in the late 1980’s, when I was just startng my career.  I hope to find some pictures from back then so as to post them for you.

Now lets see what I can do to bring a new life to this piece. Perhaps I should add some beads.

I’ve decided to go with olivine (a shade of green) and amethyst.  I feel pretty good about the deep richness of these colors, also the facets will provide a nice soft shimmer.  What do you think, I’d love to hear your comments?


Okay, I’ve found some really cool glass beads, black with roses inside blown benieth the surface.  So what I have done here was to link these beads together and add some chain swags, I think I’ll go for an asemetric look.   



Well, as you can see from these pictures I’ve loaded this piece up with alot more beads, findings and chains, the result being a bib style necklace.






I think I’ve lost the cross in all of these elements haven’t I?  I still like the overall composition though, perhaps if I have parts of it plated silver and other parts gold the individual elements will hold there own.

Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do.  Check in with this blog, I’ll be sure to post the final result when it comes back from the platers.  Or you can watch for it in my shop www.mypinkplanet.etsy.com/shops/mypinkplanet  .

Thanks for reading this, your coments are most appreciated!