Thinking Beyond The Dead Of Winter

Yes, it’s the dead of winter, there’s a foot of snow on the ground and the temperature is in the single digits.  So, to warm myself up I must think of spring and work on new items that bring warm thoughts of Carnival Balls and Summer Galas.  With that in mind, I bring you this “Gilded Lily” tiara.

Gilded Lilies Tiara by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet


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Here’s some close up views for you…

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Gaining Momentum With My 12 Week Challenge

I got up bright and early this morning and put together this whimsical little tiara.  In the center and off to the sides you’ll notice the spiraling empty settings, after I have this piece plated I’ll be setting pearls into them.

Just to be sure you’re aware, all of the items posted during my Twelve Week Creative Challenge have a raw finish and will be plated, patinated, and/or enameled at the end of this motivational project.

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet


Update to My Twelve Week Creative Challenge

Well I’m sorry to say that, although not over, my twelve week creative challenge has been greatly interrupted.  You see, I’d developed some pretty severe kidney stones making a surgical procedure necessary, after which there were some complications.  So with the crippling pain and the grogginess caused by so many painkillers, I was unable to produce anything creative for several days.

I did get into my studio whenever possible and worked on some items that had already been started.

I had a lot of fun with this necklace with all of its flowers and monsters.

In addition to what I’ve shown you in this post, I’ve managed to assemble a lot of small component parts, not worth showing, for larger pieces yet to come.  I’m feeling much better now so I’m resuming my creative challenge, I’ve lost track of which day I left off on so my updates won’t be as specific going forward.

Thank you for following my progress.


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Days Twenty One Through Twenty Four Of My Creative Challenge

I’m moving right along with my twelve week creative challenge, I’m just making things a bit faster than I can photograph them so bear with me.

For day 21, I made this necklace from an old watch case I found somewhere amidst all the junk I’ve collected over the years.  I think I’ll finish it with tones of silver, gold and raw brass.

Work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet

On day 22, I made this Venetian style cross necklace, carnivale is coming up in February so I hope to have a series of masks and jewelry to show for the occasion.

Work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet Work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet









Which brings us to this crystal carnival mask I started on day 23.  I think I need to add a lot more dangling beads and chains, but we’ll see.

And finally for day 24, I struggled to make my way into the studio and I have only the beginning of a renaissance style necklace to show for it.

Work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet

That’s all for today, I hope you’re following me on FaceBook and have a chance to check out my ETSY shop? In the meantime, take care.

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet



A change of venue

I’ve been asked to participate in a group gallery show, and since I’ve grown a bit tired of making production jewelry, this seems to be the perfect opportunity to let loose and create some more sculptural pieces.  So, here we go.

The first is a concept piece I call “Husbandry”

I have two thoughts going on with this piece.  

One is in how I find the idea of bodily adornment in relation to self-image, and as a mark of intent, goal, or achievement to be so curious.  Whether it be to enhance one’s beauty, self-confidence, or status, the pursuit of wearable objects to achieve these goals are how the title of this piece came about.

The other is the symbolism involved with the romanticized heart representing love and all that it encompasses verses the literal heart as a body organ.  The romantic heart associated with living happily ever after, and the anatomical heart associated with just living.

As with many of my pieces there is some wordplay and visual puns going on here.  I invite the viewer to ponder the idea of a crystal heart-shaped cage, containing an anatomical representation of a heart, flanked by sprays of jeweled flowers, and the significance of its wearability.  



The first time my work was shown in an art gallery, it was in a Venetian carnival mask show at the Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, in which I took first place.  This is that mask…

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet, MFA BostonSo, out of nostalgia, and as an expression of my creative journey, I thought it fitting to do another mask and see how far I have come as a designer and fabricator.

I call this piece Camouflage,

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet, URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet, URI Feinstein Providence Campus GalleryRichard Bradley, My Pink Planet, URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery









I have an ongoing fascination with the imitation of nature by the use of man-made materials, and the idea of improving on nature by the same means.

In this piece I’ve used the format of a mask, something typically used to hide or disguise one’s identity.   In creating an elaborate network of representations from nature, I then gilded and bejeweled it so as to create a conspicuous object of opulence.  Much of my work involves puns and wordplay which is how the title of this piece came about.  

And finally, if anyone reading this is going to be in the Providence area within the next month, well, here’s your invitation…

My Pink Planet, Gallery Night Providence, Richard Bradley, Richard H Bradley

A Few Favorites

As I’m preparing for some upcoming shows I thought I’d share some of my favorite designs from this past year…


The pendant can be taken off the beaded, rosary style, chain and worn as a brooch.

(Learn More)


Here we have three owls for wisdom, a wishbone for fortune, and a tiny bumble bee for prosperity.  (Learn More)

Jewelry By Richard Bradley

This bold necklace, made from hand laid Austrian crystal, seems to get all the attention at my shows.  (Learn More)

Richard Bradley For My Pink Planet     IMG_3124

I really enjoy these two necklaces because they can be worn with anything at any time and will add such Wimsey to an outfit.  I call this line “Linear Compositions”. (Learn More)


And finally, I’m bringing this back into the line.  I call it the “Enduring Heart”.  I designed the first one of this series when I was in recovery from a nasty battle with cancer, a battle to which I was the victor.  The idea is that ones inner strength is dispersed from the heart, like the seeds from a fertile pod, and no matter how hard a beating or how much one must endure, there’s still beauty and value in ones survival.  (Learn More)

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you’ll check out my online shop (Here).  Please keep in mind that all items shown in this article may be subject to prior sale, but don’t worry I’ll always make more items of wonder.


The “Enchantress” Mask

In Providence Rhode Island, the city where I live, there’s a wonderful monthly event called Gallery Night Providence.  Once a month about 30 of the city’s major art and craft galleries are open late and there are free guided bus tours throughout the city.

This month Gallery Night Providence had a fund-raiser, part of which was an auction of Halloween masks created and donated by local artists.  Well, being a great fan of Halloween, Gallery Night Providence, and mask making, how could I not participate.  So now, here are some pictures of my entry…

IMG_1904I’ve titled this piece “Enchantress”!  Here’s some detailed pictures,

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So?  I’m eager to know what you think, please comment.  Also, as always, be sure to check out my etsy shop and I’d love it if you were to “Like” my Facebook page too!

A Series Of Flower Necklaces

One of the great joys of working in my own studio and not in an industrial setting is that I can create each one of my designs, one at a time, as opposed to pieces that are mass produced.  Sometimes I will do a series of similar pieces, but each one is unique.  Here’s an example of a springtime flower inspired necklace series.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Quite often, when I’m commissioned to do the jewelry for a wedding party, I suggest this idea so as to retain continuity while allowing each member to feel unique.

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How was your Summer?

It’s hard to believe that the autumn season is already here, I hope everyone had a terrific Summer, I certainly did.  I did some traveling and some leisure activities, but most of all I focused on reorganizing my lifestyle.  My studio is more organized and productive than it has been in many years, very exciting!  I’ve been sorting through my surplus of oddities and collectables and started an online vintage shop on, which I hope you’ll visit from time to time,  And most importantly, I’m making a lot of exciting jewelry which I’ll be posting about in the coming weeks.

Wishing every one well, here’s a taste of what I’ve been creating lately.

All of these items are available at

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For The Bride’s Maids

In one of my previous posts “Tiaras, The Crowning Touch” you may recall my nephew and his fiance asked me to do the jewelry for there Wedding.  Well here’s the jewelry for the bride’s maids, let me know what you think!

Austrian Crystal with silver overlay


Modeled by Miss. Treat

The brides maids were allowed to choose their own dress as long as it was in a shade of lavender.  I thought that was very humane on the brides part when you consider all of the nightmare bride’s maids dress stories we’ve all heard about.  So we decided that the jewelry will be the unifying detail.

I also chose to give the jewelry a silver finish, that seems to be what the girls in this party prefer, so they can wear it to other occasions as well.