Days Sixteen and Seventeen of My Twelve Week Creative Challenge

Although still not quite myself, to keep up with my twelve week creative challenge I’m taking on some simpler, more gentil projects.  Inspired by the paper demonstration I gave on day day15 of this self motivating challenge, I’ve decided to do some creative gift wrapping.

Day Sixteen,

Day Seventeen,

Thanks again for following me and, if I don’t get back to posting before they arrive, please have wonderful holidays.

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet


Days Eleven – Fifteen of My Twelve Week Challenge

Well, as predicted, day eleven found me exhausted from the previous day’s sale so I’ve nothing to show for that day.  As for day twelve, I had outpatient surgery that day, my hope was that because it was outpatient I’d be fine the next day which was not the case.  So, my twelve week creative challenge has been greatly interrupted, but I’m not discouraged, on day 15 I pulled myself together enough to do a paper craft demonstration at South County Art Supply in the charming little village of Wakefield RI.

I hope I don’t look too sickly in this photo, it was a fun evening and I was quite happy to pull myself out of my sick bed for the occasion.

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