What I’ve been up to lately, Covid-19 edition.

As so many blog post start, “sorry I haven’t posted in awhile”, so begins this one. Most of my non crafting energy, since my last post has gone into building my website, which I hope you’ve had a chance to look at www.RichardBradleyDesigns.com . Meanwhile, during this new era of Covid-19, I haven’t been doing any craft shows and I’m learning to make my business more “virtual”. So, in the spirit of virtual marketing, I present to you my first self made fashion video.

An Update To My Creative Challenge

So my 12 week creative challenge is moving along at a steady pace, I’ve been concentrating on more elaborate pieces which take more than a day to complete, that’s why I no longer post every day now.  For today though, I thought I’d share these two pieces that are coming together quite nicely.

Work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet

I’m calling this the “Warrior Angel” tiara.  I may add a few elements to it still and there are some tiny rings soldered every here and there for hanging beads from, I like my jewelry to have moving elements.  I’ve been wanting to use these cobalt blue stones and spiral beads for quite some time, there’s many old stones and beads hanging around my studio just waiting to be used in just the right design, some of them I’ve had for more than thirty years.  I think I’ll have this gold-plated, if the stones stand out too much after plating, maybe I’ll enamel the leaves like I did in this mask. Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet, URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery

The other piece I’d like to share is a brooch that will be part of a necklace.

Work in progress by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet

This one is a commission based on this piece. Spider pin pendant by Richard Bradley for My Pink Planet

The customer wants something more colorful, with a biological theme and in a silver plate.  I hope she likes it!

Richard Bradley, My Pink Planet


A Few Favorites

As I’m preparing for some upcoming shows I thought I’d share some of my favorite designs from this past year…


The pendant can be taken off the beaded, rosary style, chain and worn as a brooch.

(Learn More)


Here we have three owls for wisdom, a wishbone for fortune, and a tiny bumble bee for prosperity.  (Learn More)

Jewelry By Richard Bradley

This bold necklace, made from hand laid Austrian crystal, seems to get all the attention at my shows.  (Learn More)

Richard Bradley For My Pink Planet     IMG_3124

I really enjoy these two necklaces because they can be worn with anything at any time and will add such Wimsey to an outfit.  I call this line “Linear Compositions”. (Learn More)


And finally, I’m bringing this back into the line.  I call it the “Enduring Heart”.  I designed the first one of this series when I was in recovery from a nasty battle with cancer, a battle to which I was the victor.  The idea is that ones inner strength is dispersed from the heart, like the seeds from a fertile pod, and no matter how hard a beating or how much one must endure, there’s still beauty and value in ones survival.  (Learn More)

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you’ll check out my online shop (Here).  Please keep in mind that all items shown in this article may be subject to prior sale, but don’t worry I’ll always make more items of wonder.


Daylight Saving Time And The Sun God Apollo

Well here it is November 2nd and the autumn time change is upon us.  Being so deeply effected by sunlight, in no way am I looking forward to drastically shorter days.  However, in the spirit of rainy days being like “pennies from Heaven”, I do see the positive aspect in which we are moved to reflect upon how much we enjoy sunlight and to appreciate every moment we have with it.

So to commemorate daylight saving time, I’m sharing with you some pieces I’ve made in honor of the ancient sun-god Apollo.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures and if you’d like to purchase any of the items shown, please visit my online shop .  Also, if you were to “Like” my Facebook page, it would make me terribly happy too!

As always, thank you for peering into my rosy world.



My Return to Craft Shows!

Well, I did it!  I participated in a craft show, it’s been years since the last time I did so, and I think it’s about time.  After spending the summer putting together a collection I feel good about I wanted to see for myself what the public reaction would be.

I used simple display props with deep, rich colors to off set the jewelry as well as to emphasize the sparkle that I’m so known for.






I feel that legibility is important in that my work is so elaborately detailed, so I Laid everything out in a grid with similar pieces on each display pad.

My Godzilla business card stand was quite successful.  Not only did it attract people to my table, but many people took pictures of it and inadvertently documented my etsy shop address!

Over all I’m very pleased to say, the show was a great success!  I didn’t make my high goal, but did beat my low goal.  Some of my old customers from ten or more years ago were very glad to see that I’m back to making jewelry, and many of my past customers from my former life in retail management happened by who were also very supportive of my work.

So, as you may have gathered, this show has left me quite encouraged and I hope you’ll check into my etsy shop from time to time and see my latest work.

Taking Time Out For A Little Holiday Cheer

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, it just gets so busy this time of year.  So, since it’s the holiday season, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Christmas brooches for your enjoyment.

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Thanks for taking time out for reading this and have a great season of which ever holiday combination you celebrate!

Why I do Brooches

Recently a friend of mine asked, after looking at my online shop , why is it that I do so many brooches?  It’s true brooches aren’t the best sellers but my attraction to them is so deep-rooted.  First of all they make a great gift, they’re such a complete object on their own, a sentimental keepsake whether worn or not.  So often I’ve seen one of these treasures setting on a dressing table holding a decorative presence beside a hand mirror, a gilded hair brush, and an ornate jewelry box.  As well, it’s not uncommon to find brooches pinned to the lining of ones jewelry box commemorating a variety of life’s events, Mother’s Day, a gift from a past admirer, an heirloom past down from a loved one, etc.

As for the fashion aspect of the brooch, they add so much character, interest, and dignity to an outfit.  Like medals of valor they elevate a typical suit from a look of business to one of authority.  For example…

In the movie “Cover Girl” Eve Arden plays a wise cracking executive assistant for a fashion magazine.

And if the suits and hats don’t demonstrate her professional status, the over abundance of brooches do, making it perfectly clear that she’s no typist, receptionist, or secretary.

Another example would be Ginger Rogers, known for often playing rather “tartly” characters, when a part required her to come off as more “high-class” the outfit would always include a brooch.

And then there’s Barbara Stanwyck,  talk about power characters, she’d even wear a brooch on a mink coat.  But I’m most impressed by her role in the film “Sorry Wrong Number” where she plays an invalid lady of means and even wears a brooch on her night-gown.

So that, my friends, is why I do so many brooches!

Be sure to have a look at my on-line shop, www.MyPinkPlanet.etsy.com

Holiday items

Can you believe it’s November 1st already?  I guess it’s time to show my holiday items.

I don’t do allot of holiday specific items but I get nostalgic about the tradition of Christmas coat brooches, so here’s my version.

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Each of these Wreath brooches are made one at a time and no two are alike.  Within the enameled vines which make up the body of the piece you’ll see an assortment of crystals, insects, and an occasional animal or mythical creature.  For individual descriptions of  these items you can go to my shop and click onto the holiday section, then click on the item pictured.

When I ship these brooches I enclose a card telling the “Legend of The Wreath” which is as follows.

The wreath is a circle made up of objects from nature, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life.  The festive bow celebrates our connection to nature and all that it gives us.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this  is the beginning of of a very joyful holiday season for you.

Springtime Flowers

Well, it’s mid May, it’s cold, and it’s been raining for more than a week in many parts of the country with more to come.  So to put myself and others in a better mood I’m sharing some of the flowers that bloom on My Pink Planet.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures.  If you’re interested in purchasing any of these brooches, they are now available at www.MyPinkPlanet.etsy.com .  All items may be subject to prior sale.

What’s More Colorful Than A Peacock?

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There’s something about the colors of a peacock that seem to come together so well with rhinestone jewelry.  It’s the perfect combination of deep, rich, color and sparkle.