Why I do Brooches

Recently a friend of mine asked, after looking at my online shop , why is it that I do so many brooches?  It’s true brooches aren’t the best sellers but my attraction to them is so deep-rooted.  First of all they make a great gift, they’re such a complete object on their own, a sentimental keepsake whether worn or not.  So often I’ve seen one of these treasures setting on a dressing table holding a decorative presence beside a hand mirror, a gilded hair brush, and an ornate jewelry box.  As well, it’s not uncommon to find brooches pinned to the lining of ones jewelry box commemorating a variety of life’s events, Mother’s Day, a gift from a past admirer, an heirloom past down from a loved one, etc.

As for the fashion aspect of the brooch, they add so much character, interest, and dignity to an outfit.  Like medals of valor they elevate a typical suit from a look of business to one of authority.  For example…

In the movie “Cover Girl” Eve Arden plays a wise cracking executive assistant for a fashion magazine.

And if the suits and hats don’t demonstrate her professional status, the over abundance of brooches do, making it perfectly clear that she’s no typist, receptionist, or secretary.

Another example would be Ginger Rogers, known for often playing rather “tartly” characters, when a part required her to come off as more “high-class” the outfit would always include a brooch.

And then there’s Barbara Stanwyck,  talk about power characters, she’d even wear a brooch on a mink coat.  But I’m most impressed by her role in the film “Sorry Wrong Number” where she plays an invalid lady of means and even wears a brooch on her night-gown.

So that, my friends, is why I do so many brooches!

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7 thoughts on “Why I do Brooches

  1. Just want to thank you for “liking” my blog posts. I really appreciate it! I was just browsing your Etsy store and you’ve got lots of fun stuff on there. Lovely! I do adore sparkly things. 🙂

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