Holiday items

Can you believe it’s November 1st already?  I guess it’s time to show my holiday items.

I don’t do allot of holiday specific items but I get nostalgic about the tradition of Christmas coat brooches, so here’s my version.

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Each of these Wreath brooches are made one at a time and no two are alike.  Within the enameled vines which make up the body of the piece you’ll see an assortment of crystals, insects, and an occasional animal or mythical creature.  For individual descriptions of  these items you can go to my shop and click onto the holiday section, then click on the item pictured.

When I ship these brooches I enclose a card telling the “Legend of The Wreath” which is as follows.

The wreath is a circle made up of objects from nature, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life.  The festive bow celebrates our connection to nature and all that it gives us.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this  is the beginning of of a very joyful holiday season for you.

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